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Spend Larry Ellison's Money

Spend Larry Ellison's Money is a compelling simulation game that immerses players in the lavish world of excessive wealth. As custodians of Larry Ellison's $135 billion fortune, players face the challenges and luxuries of running an empire, making strategic choices ranging from collecting extravagant things to engaging in transformational philanthropy. This game provides a unique and vivid look at the complications of inconceivable wealth.

Rules of the Game

Players experience realistic and demanding gameplay through the designed rules. As Larry Ellison's $135 billion fortune protector, gamers must make strategic decisions similar to those Ellison faced in real life. Every decision, from personal indulgences to humanitarian pursuits, helps shape Ellison's virtual empire.


Larry Ellison's Money includes a variety of features that take the gaming experience to new heights.

Realistic Wealth Management:

Experience the complexities of managing a billionaire's riches by making decisions that affect every part of Larry Ellison's financial empire. Realistic conditions require players to strategize regarding investments, acquisitions, and philanthropy.

Luxurious possessions:

Indulge in an affluent lifestyle by accumulating luxurious goods ranging from high-end cars and private yachts to lavish real estate. The game offers a wide range of settings, allowing players to fulfill their fantasies of extreme prosperity.

Philanthropic initiatives:

Engage in transformative philanthropy by making significant decisions that improve societal well-being. Whether it's supporting global causes or investing in local areas, gamers may help build Larry Ellison's philanthropic legacy.

Empire Management:

Manage Larry Ellison's huge financial empire. Make strategic investments, seek commercial prospects, and deal with the problems of sustaining and developing a tech mogul's empire.

Strategic decision-making:

The gameplay relies on strategic decision-making. Players must weigh the consequences of their decisions, balancing personal interests with the responsibilities that come with managing a large fortune.

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