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The player must watch every second of a movie in the Moviedle game to identify the movie.

How to play:

You probably won't have more than a second of video to use. Yes, the entire movie plays from start to finish on a single screen. You can find out the movie of the day by watching one of about ten short clips that play every second. You can tell what today's movie is if you know its name. Before you fail, you can try six times and each time will take a little longer. If you don't say the movie name, Moviedle will add seconds so you can watch more movies. The hints get longer and longer until the sixth turn when they are six seconds long.

If you get into trouble, keep going until you think you know what to do. This tape cannot be stopped or played back, so please pay attention when playing.

Can you play moviedle from before?
Once you get the movie right (or wrong), you can try quizzes from the previous day by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right corner. When you click the button next to the calendar, your stats, such as how many games you've played and when your winning streak ends, will be displayed.

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