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Weddle Game

The newest word game being played in the NFL is called "The Weddle Game." Players are not required to find a new secret phrase every day in Weddle. Instead, they had the chance to guess the mysterious NFL player's identity eight times. If you want to play this game well and make a lot of money, you need to have a lot of knowledge about NFL players. In this particular case, the player was not able to solve the problem; they must also be able to remember names. NFL fans with lots of memories to look back on and a true passion for the league are the only ones with a chance at winning this game.

How to play Weddle:

In the Weddle Game, the player is tasked with entering the name of an NFL player. In each round, the player will have eight chances to go one step further to the correct answer. Weddle boards are cleaned daily. The name of the player who gave the appropriate answer and placed it in the appropriate column is shown in the green box. Answers to the height or age question with a yellow box indicate that they are out of order by two units (two inches, five, etc.). If there is a yellow tile in the division column, it shows that the installation is correct but the division is wrong.

Weddle Game Rules:

The game designer also included a silhouette as a hint. Immediately after the game was released, users had up to eight chances per day to correctly identify an NFL football player using the silhouette.
You will now have 10 guesses to answer the puzzle, up from the previous total of 8. The slot will turn yellow if the player you choose to play is on the same side of the ball as the real player. Maybe over 2,000 people; therefore, you should be prepared to fight.

If you enjoy watching football and have some spare time, you should learn more about Weddle. What a wonderful time we spent together!

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