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You have six chances to find the hidden national flag in the Flagle guessing game. However, you will have to guess the flag, not the hidden word. After each guess, another part of the flag will be shown to provide clues about the target flag.

What does your country's flag look like? What about the flags of Burundi, Gambia, and other countries?

If you are confident that you know the flags of many countries in the world, you should play flagle now!

What does "flag" mean?
Flagle is like any other word puzzle game.

The player does not have to guess the word; instead, they have to figure out which country's flag is hidden.

Just like other word puzzle games. The player has only six consecutive chances to find the correct answer. After each unsuccessful attempt, an unlocked part of the flag will appear on the screen as a hint to help the player find the answer.

If you do not get an answer after six attempts, the entire flag of the country you are guessing will appear on the screen. You should learn more this way, right? Also, the next challenge won't start until the next day.

What makes board games fun?
If you like word puzzles, chances are you'll love Flagle as well.

Flageolet is not easy, but it is not impossible to win either. Players need to be able to think logically and understand geography and flags from around the world.

Every time you fail, there will be a larger gap between your chosen country and the hidden country, as well as between the unlocked part of the flag of the country you are trying to guess and the hidden part. There is also a route to the hidden country from the country of your choice.

If you know a lot about geography, these will be very helpful hints on how to solve the problem.

Flagle is a great and fun way to learn more about the world and improve your knowledge, right?

How to Play Go
Flagle has the same rules as the popular word game. The player does not need to guess the word. Instead, they have six chances to guess which country's flag is hidden.

First, select a country from the drop-down list in the box below the hidden flag. You can randomize on the first try because it is blind.

After the first guess, you will get a clue about the distance and direction of the country you are trying to guess (based on the location of the country you are choosing). The distance in kilometers (km) shows how far away the destination is, and the small arrow points in the right direction.

There are six chances for you to get the answer right. Each time you try, you unlock a new part of the target flag. If you answer correctly or run out of guesses, the hidden flag will be fully visible.

How do you win?
There is no way to win the game; What matters is what you know. You can select any country and pay attention to the direction and distance of the hidden country, especially if the suggested image doesn't give you enough information. Be patient and look at the parts of the image and the hints are given.

In short
If you know a lot about the placement of things, this game is for you. Even if you are not familiar with the geography, the game Flagle is well worth a try as it can help you expand your geographical knowledge while entertaining you in your spare time. So satisfied and happy!

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