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Listed will assist gamers in becoming expert investors by providing unmatched asset price prediction experiences. This intriguing puzzle game is a variant of the well-known game Wordle, and it has a creative premise. The numbers, rather than the crosswords, are what make this game special. Determine a fair price for the assets sold.  Too captivated by the life scenarios presented in this task. Without needing to travel, you can still discover new places and understand their significance.

Listed isn't just about determining the true value of a location; you must also use current evidence to conclude. This guessing game, with its easy but hard gameplay, will help you learn more about money and real estate. Five hours after releasing the correct answer, new riddles will emerge. With each guess, a clue to the location information will appear. To win the round, gather important information from other support tools. But first, test your luck.

How to play

Players enter a random amount into the white box at the bottom of the screen and press enter to see the result. You have a maximum of seven guesses before the correct answer is displayed. You won't know how close your response is if you don't reveal the clues. The most essential clue appears in the final stage. To win the most rounds, try to examine thoroughly!

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