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Mardle is a crossword game that tests players' knowledge of classic Mario titles. This version's in-game keyboard has unique problems. The player's objective is to properly estimate the games in this series. Every day will provide a new secret for you to discover. Prepare a pleasant atmosphere, and demonstrate your great memory by winning the game!

The board game includes three columns, which correspond to the three words in the game's title. The player clicks the word on the game keyboard that corresponds to the version name. Mardle also offers a difficult mode for you to pick from. If you're confident in your knowledge of the Mario franchise, attempt this mode.

Why not try more than once?

Mardle's valid answers correspond to the official versions of the Mario games. This indicates that randomly combined words are unlikely to match. As a result, if you want to try multiple times, the game will not end right away. To get the fastest estimated responses, look for the rows of digits at the top of the keyboard that correlate to the version name! Players can thoroughly check their replies in advance by searching Google.

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