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Indle is a puzzle game where you can win by showing how much you know about India. You have up to six chances to guess the right answer, which will be a five-letter name. The huge number of fields will test the player's best thinking skills. Besides that, you need to be smart to look up knowledge.

You can guess the names of people, places, words with special Indian meanings, or any other kind of language. In addition, helpful tips will show up to help players.

Take the hint and look it over!

People in the board game click on the characters on the screen to put letters in the boxes. Indle asks you to check before moving on to the next guess after each covered horizontal line. Following the change in color of each circle, this check will give you ideas.

The pick in the blue circle is the right one.
If your guess about the character is right, the colored circle will turn orange.
The dark circle shows which letters are wrong.
To answer the puzzle every day, please put the clues together in a way that makes sense. To have the best experience, don't forget to use help tools when you need to.

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