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You ought to play the thrilling game Housle: Guess the Price of Luxury Houses! You have six attempts to determine the worth of these opulent locations. If you accurately predict a price range of 5% less than the listed price, you will win. After each incorrect guess, suggestions for improving your round will appear. An excessively high or cheap price can also reveal a different picture of the place you have to estimate. From there, players can use all of their skills (along with a little bit of luck) to try to get as quickly as possible to the right response.

Housle stands out among the Wordle variations due to its unique features. To start, there is a cap on the number of guesses in this game, and after each guess, hints are disclosed. Daily riddles are also automatically reset for the next day. Furthermore, the feature allows you to share your incredible achievements with others and stores the round results. In addition, there are other appealing aspects of this game, such as the ability for players to find out specific details about the house through tips that are presented in both words and visuals.

How to play

You must first input a number in the quiz that you believe corresponds to the house's worth. After you hit enter, the suggestion will appear to be either too high or too low. Next, to determine the right response, you must locate a number that corresponds with this clue.

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