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In Pikadle, players must find hidden magical creatures in this fun and addicting puzzle game. The player's goal, as a skilled master, is to find strange Pokémon everywhere. Even with the tiniest clues, getting magical animals has never been more exciting. You will need to follow the tips given after each entry to improve the next one.

Pikadle, a variation of the popular puzzle game Wordle, generates ideas based on the color of the puzzle. Once you've chosen a question, you send in your answer to get hints. With their attention on the color of each box, gamers use these qualities to judge and link ideas.

  • The green box shows the right trait.
  • The yellow box displays an estimation attribute. If one of the qualities listed under Types and Abilities has a yellow box next to it, it is correct.
  • The red box displays incompatible traits.  Choose a different Pokémon instead.

A comprehensive list of the buildings

In Pikadle, players can discover strange species grouped by four genes.

  • Types: A Pokémon can have more than one type. Bulbasaur, for example, is both grassy and poisonous.
  • Abilities: This trait can have more than one character trait, just like kind. For instance, Charizard will be able to use both blast and solar power. If this box is yellow, you should try a different character that has one of these two traits.
  • Weight: An arrow going up or down will show you the exact weight of the character you select. People can think of animals that are heavier or lighter than their answer, depending on which way the arrow is pointing.
  • Height: An arrow will show the entity's actual height, just like it does for its weight. You can use the arrow tips to make your next guess better.

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