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Worldle is a new unofficial Wordle++ side game in which you pick the right country from a list of entries.

What's World?
The idea behind Worldle is pretty simple. The Worldle website shows a silhouette of a new country every day. You need to make six guesses to figure out the country, but there are hints along the way.

If you choose the wrong country, Worldle will tell you the distance between that country and the target country in both kilometers (which is the default) and miles (which you can change in Settings). You can also hide the nation's appearance to make it harder, as well as numbers. Also, it will show an arrow that points to the right country (relative to the incorrect country you guessed).

A level of difficulty can be added to make the game harder and more like Wordle++. In the options, you can change the order of the countries and hide their images. Every day, someone uploads a new quiz. This is a fun activity that will help you find out how much you know about geography and help you learn more.

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