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Good morning, and thank you for choosing to visit Worgle! Each participant in Worgle has a total of six opportunities to correctly identify the secret word and win the game. Participants are encouraged to make use of any hints that come up during the round of the game in an effort to discover the solution as quickly as they can.

The stunning artwork in only two dimensions
The game can be played in a variety of different ways.

Worgle is a word puzzle game where players type words into the game board to solve puzzles. The mouse and keyboard are the main ways players interact with the game. You need to come up with a word that has six letters for each guess. To send, hit the Enter key on your keyboard. With each guess, the boxes will undergo a color shift that indicates how close you are to correctly guess the word.
There are six opportunities for you to discover the word "worgle."

Word puzzle games such as Wordlery, which also feature other enjoyable word guessing games, are good places to look for these kinds of word guessing games. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

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