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Wordle Time Traveler

Wordle Time Traveler is an amazing vocabulary-discovery journey. This game is a must-play if you love word games and want to challenge your word-guessing skills. Draw conclusions and make predictions about the five-letter secret word. Based on the color of the letters, we can gather more information and identify the hidden word with the fewest guesses. Have fun!

How to play

Your job, as with other word-guessing games, is to predict the secret word. They must be proper five-letter words. Begin with any five-letter word, hit the Enter key, and wait for the results. Following each prediction submission, participants will receive crossword color hints that change to indicate how correct they are.


Use this color tip to narrow your prediction range and deduce the hidden phrase the fastest. Please remember that you only have six predictions. Think carefully before making any predictions. If the player fails to find the hidden word after six guesses, he will lose. Whether you are an experienced word game player or a beginner, this game is appropriate and enjoyable to play.

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