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Wordle-es is a relaxing word puzzle game that puts your linguistic and analytical skills to the test. With one exception—it is entirely in Spanish—it shares the same gaming premise as its well-known counterpart, Wordle. As a result, it is an excellent tool for having fun while learning new Spanish vocabulary daily.

The fundamental purpose of this game is to find the daily-picked word within six tries. Because the game determines whether letters are legitimate and in the correct locations, each guess provides valuable information. This element increases the game's difficulty and appeal by helping players polish their next predictions.

Its ease of use and straightforward interface are two of its main advantages. Players of all ages and skill levels can easily immerse themselves in the experience, thanks to the game's simple design. It offers a unique combination of ease of use and challenge, making it an enjoyable pastime for word enthusiasts. What about finding your word of the day before giving it your all?


To play, use the keyboard and left mouse.

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