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Word500 is a tough word puzzle game with hints that tell you how many correct letters there are but not which ones. Like Wordle++, it tells you which letters in a sentence are good, bad, or in the wrong place.

How to play Word500

Find the secret word in no more than eight tries. The green, yellow, and red squares to the right of each guess will show how close you were to figuring out the secret word.

Word500 can be played in eight different languages on three different difficulty levels. German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Catalán, English, French, and Spanish. On Standard difficulty (green smiley), the secret word can't have letters that are used more than once (like ORDER), and some letters are left out.

Every day, each language and level of difficulty will get a new secret word. Each player has six chances to guess the correct word. This means that you can use your first five guesses to figure out what the word is and where the letters are. I hope you enjoy it!

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