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Tirtle is a puzzle game that uses words that are similar to Autostraddle. You'll get excited when you see five-letter crosswords with up to six different hints. The player has to know a lot about some obscure topics and do a lot of study on them for the game to work. Also, just like with Wordle, players won't get descriptions of the results. Instead, you should use the light color scheme to help you. By using the light color scheme, you can enhance clarity in the following way:

When the box turned light green, you were right.
If the letter is in the light yellow box, it means that the word has it. But you need to put it somewhere else.
Because the writing on it is wrong, no one will look at the light brown box.

The interesting subject

Genderqueer individuals used to run Autostraddle, an online magazine and social network that focuses on femininity. It focuses on femininity. Players can find news about fashion, politics, TV shows, movies, and other topics that are interesting to people in this community on the main website for this theme. Because the system is so big, it's really hard to find the answer to a game.

Everything that happens in Wordle has something to do with Autostraddle. Players can find the right words for their rounds by reading the information on this page.

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