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Septle is a popular word game. Where you have to find the hidden seven-letter word.

How to play Septle:
The rules are easy to understand and follow. There are eight chances for you to find the seven-letter word. Just put any words you want on the first line to get started. If you guess correctly and put the letter in its place, the color will be green. If it is not in the right place, it will be marked in yellow. If it doesn't show up in the phrase, that option will be grayed out.

There are eight chances to deal with Septle.
In each attempt, there must be a seven-letter word that means something.
Each time you try, the letters will change color to indicate how far apart they should be to make the correct word.
Press "Enter" on the keyboard to send.
Once a player has completed their portion of the day's game, they can move on to the next activity.

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