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Quettale is a compelling word-guessing game in which players must find a hidden word within six attempts. Quettale's user-friendly UI and lively feedback system provide a delightful gameplay experience for gamers of all skill levels.


Word Guessing Fun: Participate in an exciting competition to guess the secret word in six attempts.

Colorful Feedback: Quettale uses a color-coding scheme to deliver feedback after each estimate. Green denotes a correct letter in the correct location, yellow indicates a correct letter in the incorrect place, and gray denotes letters that do not appear in the word.


Guess the Word: Players must utilize their deduction skills to find the secret word within six attempts.

Interpret Feedback: Pay attention to the color-coded feedback offered after each guess to change future guesses accordingly.

Strategic Thinking: Use logic and reasoning to narrow down options and find the concealed word quickly.

How to Play Quettale

Using mouse

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