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Pacdude Games' word game Pundle is fun and hard to put down. This is a fun game for people who want to test their knowledge while having fun. In Pundle, the player has a set of random letters and a certain amount of time to make as many things as possible.

How to Join In

To play Pundle, just do these simple things:
After you choose a level, a random line of letters will appear on the screen, and the game will begin. You must construct words with the provided letters. If you put letters next to each other in the right order, you can make words. The score goes up the longer the term.

Hit "Submit" when you're done making a word to add it to your score. As long as you do it on time, you can send in as many words as you want.

Extra points are given for using all the letters in a set and for using letters that are hard to use, like Q, X, and Z.

How many extra points you get will depend on how long the words you use are. When the game is over, your name will be added to a list of the top players. You can see how you compare to other players at the same level as you.

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