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In Polygonle, you have to search through a set of geometric shapes to find a word. Since the same letters show up in the same polygon, you can place the same letters in places where the polygons are the same. To get an estimate, think about where the polygon is and what color and shape it has. You have six chances to win the Polygon every day. You can do that by looking for clues in the color.

Polygon Gameplay

After six attempts, you finally figured out what the word was.
Each puzzle has a set of pictures that can be used to stand for different letters of the answer.

Instructions on how to play the game of polygons:

Using the keyboard that shows up on the screen, you can type in any word of the right length. The secret phrase has exactly the same number of characters as there are different geometric forms.
When assigning letters to points that belong to the same polygon, use the same letters for each point. You should give a different letter to each point that belongs to a different polygon.
Make a mental note of the polygon's dimensions, as well as it's color and location. Triangles of various colors, such as yellow and red ones, display the various letters.
After each guess, you will be presented with a color hint as to where you should position the following letter. The color green indicates that the correct letter has been placed in the appropriate spot. Yellow indicates that a letter is correct but does not belong in the current location. If a word is highlighted in gray, it indicates that there is a letter missing from the entire word.
Within the context of the Daily Polygon game, you have a total of six opportunities to determine which letter corresponds to which form.

Pay attention to the size, color, and position of the polygons. Triangles in different shades of yellow and red, for instance, can display various letters. After each guess, you'll get colored hints on how to put the letters together. Green means the letter is exactly in the right place. Yellow means the letter is correct but has to go elsewhere. When a letter is grayed out, it doesn't show up anywhere in the world. If you figure out which letter each one represents, you'll have six chances to win a daily polygon.

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