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Perfdle is a reimagining of the well-known Wordle game. It's the result of a fork from an open-source version. Perfdle's target audience includes performance testers, engineers, DevOps, SREs, and observability aficionados, among others.

Perfdle is a daily crossword puzzle for performance engineers that is both fun and difficult. It is based on the popular word game Wordle and assigns participants performance-based tasks to complete.

In Perfdle, your goal is to discover the hidden performance word in six attempts. With each guess, the color of the tiles changes, providing important feedback on how close your guess was to the correct word. Prepare to challenge your instincts and deduction skills as you attempt to crack the code.

Game Rules

The game will assign you a performance-related term to discover. You have six attempts to pick the correct word. After each guess, the squares on the screen change color, revealing important information about your guess's accuracy.

Green tiles show the presence of a letter in the word and its correct placement, allowing you to gradually expose the solution.
Yellow tiles indicate that a letter exists in the word but is in the incorrect position.
Gray tiles indicate that the letter is not even part of the term.

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