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Would you like to play a fun memory game? It's fun to play match-up. You make yourself remember things every day. Pairguess is an app that is based on Wordle. It gives you 25 tiles and asks you to match up words that share a letter.

How to Join

A grid has 25 tiles, and each one has a five-letter word on it. Find pairs of words that share a letter, no matter where that letter is in the word. Like "pasta" and "salad," which go together since they both begin with "a." To find the pairs, click on two tiles to see what they say. If they match, they will stay on the screen and turn green. They will turn red and go away after a short time if they don't match. You can only show two tiles at a time, so you'll have to remember them all and use logic and reason to figure out the pairs. Puzzle and game fans should give it a try.

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