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The name Otakle comes from the words "wordle" and "otaku," which are common Japanese words. In the Rising Sun country, this word refers to people who are very interested in different cultures, like manga (comic books), anime (animated shows), and so on. The player has six chances to find a five-letter word. Get ready for a new task every day and learn how to play this tricky game. To get closer to the answer, players also need to know how to use tips most effectively.

Japanese cartoons and video games are two big themes that will show up in this game. Link gives smart tips to help you find the answer as quickly as possible. I hope you have a great time with this beautiful puzzle game!

Gameplay and color-code system

In Otakle, the player hits the "Enter" button on the screen to check after each guess. For tips, look at the squares that change color:

  • Green is the right answer because it has the right letter in the right place.
  • Yellow: The right person, but in the wrong place.
  • Gray: Bad move; don't think about it!

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