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Osudle is a word-guessing game that offers players a hard and engaging experience. The goal of the game is to properly guess a certain word in six trials. Each try requires guessing a word, and the game gives feedback by altering the color of the tiles that match the letters in the guessed word.

Key gameplay elements in Osudle:

  • Word Guessing: Players try to guess the correct word within six trials. Players create the word one letter at a time by guessing.

  • Feedback System: After submitting a guess, the game provides feedback by changing the color of the squares.

    - Green indicates that the guessed letter is in the correct position inside the word.
    - Yellow indicates that a guessed letter is part of the word but in the incorrect position.
    - No color indicates that the guessed letter is not part of the term.
  • Strategic Guessing: Players use input from prior guesses to refine their subsequent guesses, reducing the number of possible words.

  • Letter Interaction: The main gameplay revolves around the interaction of the guessed letters and their positions in the goal word.

    The game Osudle pushes players to utilize logical inference and trial-and-error to find the right word. Players must utilize the feedback provided after each guess to make smart selections regarding the letters and their location, all within a limited number of attempts. The mix of word guessing and deduction makes "Osudle" an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for players who appreciate testing their vocabulary and deductive abilities.

How to play Osudle

using a mouse.

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