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Nurdle, a popular kind of word guessing, asks players to identify male and female cricketers who have appeared in numerous ODIs, T20Is, and Tests. It appeals to both cricket enthusiasts and word game players by offering a fun and challenging way to test players' cricket knowledge.

How to play

The goal of the game is to correctly guess a cricketer's name within a certain number of guesses (usually six). Each challenge includes a cricketer's name, and players must guess the cricketer's first or last name. The goal of the game is to guess the names of cricket players who have played a large number of one-day internationals (ODIs), twenty-over internationals (T20s), and tests. Following each guess, the color of the tiles representing the letters of the guessed name changes to signify how correct the guess was.

  • When a letter in the cricketer's name is tinted green, it indicates that it is in the proper position.
  • If the letter is part of the cricketer's name but not in the proper location, the tile will be yellow.
  • The color gray indicates that the letter in question does not appear in the cricketer's name.

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