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Nordle (Wordleⁿ)

Nordle (Wordleⁿ) is a cutting-edge word-guessing game that takes inspiration from the popular Wordle game. Nordle enhances Wordle's classic gameplay by incorporating new and challenging elements, giving players a more nuanced and interesting word-solving experience. Nordle tests players' linguistic talents by letting them guess multiple words at once while limiting their number of attempts.

Gameplay Guidelines:

Each n-word slot in Nordle represents a five-letter word. The game's difficulty level determines the number of word slots (n). Players must guess all n-words within the word spaces supplied.

Enter one 5-letter word at a time to receive feedback on many words at once.
Your goal is to properly predict all n words in n+5 attempts.
Every n-th value faces one obstacle per day. That implies there are several riddles every day:
When you submit a guess, Nordle provides feedback on all n-words simultaneously. This feedback may indicate which letters are accurate and in the proper location (such as green markers in Wordle), which letters are correct but in the wrong position (such as orange markers in Wordle), and which letters do not belong to any of the n words (such as grey markers in Wordle).

How to play Nordle

Using mouse

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