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A game called Lyricle that is about music can only be played once a day. It's a puzzle game that looks like Wordle. There are also ways to share in this game, and by copying a series of emoji to your clipboard, you can let other people know how quickly you guessed the music right.

Instead of guessing a word, you have to guess the name of a different song every day in Lyricle. The very basic game is to play a song while listening to its beginning and name it six times right. If you get it right, the answer will tell you how many times you tried and how long it will be until the next song.

After that, you will be given the option to share it on social media. You are only allowed one use of it each day.

Games Rules
When you first start to play Lyricle, you have to press play to hear a taste of the music. You are free to play the music and listen to it as many times as you like. After hearing the song's first line, you have to choose the song's artist or title.

Use the words to figure out the song as quickly as you can.

Guesses that are wrong or not made at all let you hear more of the music.

Each time you make a guess, more lines will be shown. If you click the small boxes above the search bar, you can see what you've tried before.

Tell everyone your score when you've made as many correct guesses as you can.

This music game makes it more interesting and fun to try to find the song of the day because you can share the results on social media. It also makes users compete with each other to be the first to guess the word correctly by using colors to show the order of guesses without revealing the answer. Every day, a new word and a new set of numbers

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