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LeMOT is a fun and challenging game that tests your knowledge of the French language. The goal is to find a five-letter word for the day, similar to Wordle; however, this game is only available in French. Because players must comprehend and interpret the language in order to make accurate predictions, the challenge level rises.

Scrabble rules, which permit the use of conjugated verbs and plurals, further improve the game. Because players must use more creative thinking to solve the challenge than simple phrases, the game becomes more appealing and diverse.

To play, you can guess the word of the day six times. Players can increase their chances of success by fine-tuning their estimates based on the letter indications provided. The challenge is finding a balance between the limited number of attempts and the need for accuracy. This game is great for language enthusiasts and people who want to improve their language skills. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and see if you have what it takes to find the chosen word before time runs out?


To find the requested word, press the left mouse button or use your keyboard.


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