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Jndle is a word-guessing game inspired by the popular Wordle. It uses a similar concept but incorporates new rules and gameplay components. Josh Wardle initially conceived the game, and Samuel Lo later revised it with additional contributions from GHolk.

The goal of the Jndle game is to correctly guess a five-letter word using Cangjie codes. Cangjie is an input method for typing Chinese characters, where a set of symbolic codes represents each character. These codes represent certain character components or strokes.

The game gives feedback for each guess by altering the color of the boxes. To indicate the correctness of the guessed codes, there are three alternative colors:

  • Green: This color signifies that a code in the guess is correct and in the proper spot.
  • Yellow: The color yellow signifies the presence of a code in the response, albeit in an incorrect position.
  • Red: The relevant box highlights in red if no code in the guess matches any code in the answer.

Players have six tries to correctly guess the word using Cangjie codes. The challenge in JNDLE is decoding the correct word based on the game's feedback. Players attempt to determine the correct code combination that corresponds to the target word by analyzing color changes and modifying their predictions accordingly.

The Jndle game adds a novel twist to word guessing by including Cangjie codes and forcing players to use their knowledge of Chinese characters and their components. It provides a fascinating and challenging experience for individuals who are already familiar with Cangjie's work or want to learn more about it.

How to Play Jndle.

Using mouse

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