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Heardle Anime

Heardle Anime
Every time we turn around, it seems like there are ten or twenty new Wordle versions, like the Greek and Roman myth of the Hydra. Heardle is a well-known audio-based spinoff, and Anime Heardle is a new branch of it. Players try to figure out which anime series a piece of an opening, ending, or OST song is from. Each time a question is answered wrongly or not at all, the song plays new parts that give more ideas.

If you watch anime a lot, you might do well, but for the rest of us, the answers to the daily anime music guessing game will be on this website. If you can, try to figure out what the music is on your own. If you can't, we can help. Given how many cartoons there are, no one can blame you for not being able to figure it out.

Use Anime Heardle to show off what you've learned. Click the Share button on the results screen after you've guessed the song correctly. Since the results go to your clipboard, you can then put them wherever you want.

How to play
The game Heardle Anime is easy to learn and play. If you press the play button, you can hear the beginning of the song. Use the search box at the bottom of the screen to find the name of the anime, and then type in your notes.

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