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Furdle is a simple puzzle game about animals. The players are given five-letter words to learn and add to their language skills. You can only try to guess the secret words five times.

Ways to have fun
The player just puts any word into the empty cells and then uses the clues from the colors to figure out what the hidden word is. Only five times out of ten will you be able to find the secret word. To finish this, you'll need to use your head. In this game, a word can only have five letters. A word in this game can only have up to five letters. Green, yellow, and gray are the colors that are recommended. If the guess was right and the letter is in the right place, it will be marked in green. If a letter is not where it should be, it will be shown in yellow. Almost always, a word like "gray" will be used in the wrong way. Have a good time!

After putting a random word into each of the empty cells, the player looks at the colors to figure out what the secret word is. A word can have no more than five letters. You should use green, yellow, and gray most of the time.

If you like word games and think it would be fun to figure out hard questions on your own, this book is for you. You could try a game by Nordle called Wordle 6 Letters.

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