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Flagle 4

Flagle 4 is a fun guessing game that can help you learn more about the world and its countries. When you play Flagle 4, you have six chances to guess the country that a secret flag is for. Each guess reveals a different color of the flag, aiding you in determining the correct answer.

Every day, the game adds a new flag for you to play once. For fun, do this with family and friends. At the same time, you can all learn more about different countries and their colors.

How to play

Six times, you can look for the secret flag.
Each guess has to be a real country from the list.
After each attempt, the system will reveal a distinct section of the flag.

Benefit of Flagle 4

This flag quiz game is a fun way to learn about how different country flags are different. Flagle 4 has a lot of flags to learn, so it can help you learn more about flags from all over the world.

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