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Flagle 3

Flagle 3 is a twist on the famous game Wordle, in which you must determine countries based on their flags rather than English words. It's ideal for geography buffs and people interested in learning about flags from around the world.

How to play

The goal of Flagle 3 is to guess the hidden country's flag within six attempts. With each guess, you will receive clues and unveil a piece of the flag, which will be divided into six puzzle parts. Each guess unveils a piece of the flag and provides information on the distance between the estimated country and the target country, as well as their geographical placements. If you successfully guess, the game will display your stats and allow you to post your score on social media. Flagle, like Wordle, provides one puzzle per day.

Begin by typing a random country's name into the box and pressing ENTER. Upon entering a random country's name into the box and pressing ENTER, the system will reveal a flag puzzle piece and provide information on the distance between the country you guessed and the target country.
Make your next guess based on the color or pattern of the puzzle piece and the distance information.
Repeat the preceding procedures until you discover the country whose flag matches.
When you win the game, you can post your score on social media. Each attempt will be displayed in a different color, but the solution to today's Flagle puzzle will be hidden. This increases the appeal of the game and piques the interest of other players, making it even more fun.

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