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Devimot allows users to play a fun and challenging word puzzle game while learning the selected five-letter word of the day in French. Devimot, inspired by the popular game Wordle, is an engaging way to put your language talents to the test while also experiencing the pleasure of solving word puzzles.


Devimot allows players to play Wordle in their language while still practicing French vocabulary. Discovering the daily five-letter word in French allows gamers to improve their language skills while having fun.

Wordle-Inspired Devimot, like its precursor, Wordle, encourages players to make clever predictions based on hints received after each attempt. The game uses color-coded suggestions to direct players to the proper solution, adding a layer of strategy and deduction to the gameplay.

Six Guess Limit: Similar to Wordle, players have only six guesses to learn the mystery word of the day. This constraint motivates participants to think critically and carefully about their guesses to increase their chances of success.


Guess the Word: Players must use their language skills and deductive thinking to correctly guess the French five-letter word of the day.

Color-Coded Hints: After each guess, players receive color-coded hints that show whether each letter is correct and in the right place, correct but in the wrong position, or not present at all in the word.

Players have a limit of six attempts to correctly guess the word. Use each estimate wisely to narrow down the choices and find the solution within the time limit.

How to Play Devimot

Using mouse

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