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The word puzzle is a reference to the board game known as Decwordle. The player has sixteen opportunities out of sixteen to successfully guess ten five-letter words. Decordle is more difficult than Wordle++, despite the fact that it appears to be simpler.

Detailed Directions on How to Engage in the Activity of Decordle

Players are required to put in five letters and then press the "Enter" button before they may transmit their guess. Everyone has a total of 16 opportunities to find all ten of the daily words. There is a set of criteria that dictates how each letter should be used in the game. If a letter is colored green, it indicates that it should be at that location. Even though the yellow letters are correct, they have been put in the wrong place. Several of the letters in certain words are gray and appear in the wrong positions.

When will the Decodle return to the place where it first began?

The solving of Decordle's daily puzzle begins anew at the stroke of midnight each and every day. You can either save a finished Decordle game as an image on your computer or copy it to the clipboard.

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