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Connections Puzzle

What is the Connections Puzzle, anyway?
Connections Puzzle is a fun puzzle game that will put your skills and knowledge to the test. In this fun game, players have to find groups of words that have something in common. Connections NYT is a fun game with a lot of puzzles that will keep you busy for hours.

How to Play Rules
The game gives you 16 tiles, each of which has a short word or phrase on it. In each step, you have to choose four tiles that you think belong together. Most groups are the same, like hail, rain, ice, and snow, but there is always at least one group that uses wordplay. One task, for example, put together four things that could all be cast: uncertainty, shadow, movie, and vote.

If you make a mistake, the tiles will shake, and you'll be told ("one away...") that you were wrong. If you're right, a colorful bar with the four words and their theme will appear near the top of the board, and your other tiles will move to the bottom.

You can do four things. When your time runs out, the game is over, and you can look at the answers you missed.

Even though there are four groups, you only have to name three of them. At the end, there should be four tiles that all belong to the same group. Try to figure out what the last group is about before you turn it in for your extra points and some more puzzle-y fun.

Tips and Techniques
In the first game, the goal is not to find any four-word groupings. Instead, the goal is to find the four-word groups that the puzzle makers had in mind. So, don't jump the gun too quickly when you see your first possible link. Check to see if any of the things you've found could fit somewhere else.

You should also think about what your four possible partners have in common. The game's help screen says that the categories will never be as broad as "names" or "verbs," so make sure you've cut it down. The first thing I thought was "weather," but the right group was "wet weather. When you guess the group correctly, the game will tell you what the topic is.

How to Put Together the Pieces
How to Use the Mouse: A Puzzle About Links in Novels
Connections Puzzle gives players an interesting and unique job that tests their brains, language skills, and creativity. Connections Puzzle is a game where the goal is to find secret connections between a group of 16 words. Your goal is to find these connections and carefully put the words into four groups of four words each. The colors yellow, green, blue, and purple are used to divide these groups. The colors are a guide, with yellow being the easiest and green, blue, and purple getting harder as time went on.

There is a lot at stake.

But there are problems along the way to success. Players have only four chances to solve the hard problem, so they have to be careful. Each choice is important, and careful thought is needed to make the right links and put the right pieces together before the game ends.

Getting There Puzzles stands out in a world full of traditional puzzles because they are both intellectually and artistically stimulating. Players can not only improve their mental skills, but they can also find secret links between phrases that don't seem to go together. Are you ready for the test? Can you see links that others might not? As you go on a trip of logical deduction and creative association, the colorful categories are there for you to find.

How to Put the Pieces Together

Putting the mouse to use

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