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Conexo is a word game in which players must build groups of four words that share a similar property. The game encourages creativity and linguistic discovery as players decipher the complexities of the English language to find links between seemingly unrelated phrases.


  • Word Selection: Players select individual words to form groups of four. A single click chooses a word, which can then be deselected with a second click if necessary. Once four words are chosen, the game automatically determines whether the group is correct based on shared commonalities.
  • Automatic Verification: After forming a group of four words, the game immediately checks to see if the selection is right. If the group has a shared characteristic, the category is revealed. If not, players are asked to try again.
  • Discovering Categories: The basic goal of Conexo is to reveal the four hidden categories by appropriately grouping words. The difficulty is to uncover the tiny links that link the words together, which can be themes, concepts, or related characteristics.


  • Conexo promotes cognitive thinking by pushing players to evaluate and identify relationships between words. This mental exercise stimulates creative thinking and improves problem-solving abilities.
  • Educational Entertainment: The game is an educational tool that helps players enhance their vocabulary and language comprehension while also being enjoyable and participatory.
  • Conexo has a user-friendly design that allows players to easily navigate and engage with the game. Players of all ages will enjoy a seamless gaming experience thanks to the intuitive design.
  • Dynamic gaming: Conexo's automatic verification feature provides dynamic gaming that keeps players engaged. When the correct word groupings are detected, the quick feedback provides a sensation of accomplishment.

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