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Categorle is the ideal game for those who appreciate solving word puzzles to test their knowledge! However, this is more than a simple Wordle clone. Category evaluates your general knowledge interestingly and uniquely. There are several variations of the game, all of which are word puzzles. Everyone has access to everything from "flora" and "animals" to "cities.".

The variety of categories in this game is one of its most exciting characteristics. The number of words in each category fluctuates, so some problems are more difficult than others. This makes the game more engaging and interesting.

Another distinguishing feature of this game is its restricted number of tries. Each puzzle allows the player only six attempts to complete it. This heightens the sense of pressure and urgency in the game, making it more fascinating and challenging. Let's assess your current level of knowledge!

How to play

Using the left mouse button, select the category you want to play in and anticipate it.

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