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Buildly is a puzzle game using building-related terms. An intriguing topic that tests players' knowledge of a very specific field. Prepare for the most surprising answers and broaden your knowledge. Don't be scared to use support tools to make the most accurate guesses. Furthermore, obtaining references from more experienced individuals is not a terrible idea.

Buildly is based on the popular game Wordle and includes all of its features. Players must find a five-letter word in six guesses. The color transitions between the tiles will be your guide to determining the correct solution. Specifically:

  • Blue: The correct letter is in the proper spot.
  • Orange: The correct character, but at the wrong location.
  • Gray: Unfortunately, this is the wrong character.

How to check the answer

To enter their answers, players can either click on the characters on the screen or use the keyboard. After pressing the Enter key, the feedback will appear as a color code. You utilized your best analytical skills to link these suggestions. An entire blue horizontal line will result in an outstanding triumph.

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