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Blackpink Heardle

The Blackpink Heardle is the same as the standard Heardle, but it only plays songs by Blackpink. Every Blackpink Heardle comes from the group's library and is chosen at random. All titles belong to YG Entertainment and the artists who made the music.

This one was based on the game Wordle. You can only play a Wordle game once a day. There are six chances for you to get the word of the day right. In the same way, Heardle's goal is to figure out what the music is after seven tries.

How to Take Part
In Blackpink Heardle, you have six chances to guess which Blackpink song will be the song of the day. For your first guess, you can listen to a part of the song. It won't take long, but if you know their music, you'll know it right away, especially if it's one of their most famous songs.

Simply using the "skip" button will allow you to hear more of the song. Then, write your guess in the text box, click on the song you think it is, and hit "Submit."

Players who guess right in the fewest attempts show how much they love Blackpink. When the player gets it right, the right song plays, and a link to the song on Spotify and sharing options show, so fans can brag about their success online. You also have the option of sharing your results on Twitter with the rest of the BLINK community.

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