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Beerdle is a word-guessing game with a beer theme.


The goal of Beerdle Wordle is to guess the correct word in six tries. The term you must guess is related to beer or brewing in some way and consists of five characters.

Color Feedback:

Following each guess, the game offers color-coded feedback on the 

Correctness of the letters:

  • Green indicates that the correct letter is in the right spot.
  • Yellow indicates a proper letter, but it is in the wrong position.
  • Gray: Indicates an absent letter.

Word Validation:

Beerdle accepts a wide range of five-letter words as valid guesses, as long as they are linked to beer names or brewing terminology. This adds a thematic twist to the standard word-guessing game, allowing participants to experiment with different beer-themed options. Good luck!

How to Play Beerdle

Using mouse

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