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Baseball Wordle

If you like Wordle, a popular online word game that has taken the internet by storm, you might like Baseball Wordle, a new version that tests how much you know about Major League Baseball players. Baseball Wordle was made by Jeremy Frank and Zachary Ellis. Frank is a baseball analyst and author. The game is like Wordle, but instead of trying to guess a five-letter word, you have nine chances to guess the name of a current or past Major League Baseball player.

Here's how the game works: You start with an empty grid with nine rows and eight columns. Each column shows a different player trait, such as team, league, division, batting hand, throwing hand, country, birth year, and position. You type in the name of a person and press enter. Then, the grid will show you how close you are to the right answer. If you pick the right property, the square will be green. A yellow square means that you got half of the answer right. If you see a gray square, it means you typed the property wrong. If you choose Mike Trout and the answer is Mookie Betts, you'll get a green square for the league (AL), a yellow square for the division (West), and a gray square for everything else.

You can use the clues in the grid to narrow down your choices and make better guesses. When you move your mouse over each column, the game will tell you what to do. If you hover over the team column, for example, the name of that team will show up. If you hover over the country column, the flag of that country will show up, and if you hover over the position column, the acronym for that position will show up. The game is made to be hard, but not impossible, and it can be played by people from different times and places.

Baseball Wordle is a fun and addicting way to see how much you know about baseball and find out interesting facts about MLB players. You can play it on any internet-connected gadget, and you can share your results on social media with your friends. You can also look at the rankings to see how you stack up against other players.

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