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The goal of the game Avoidle is to get as many points as possible while avoiding the red letters.

How to do it
The goal is to type in four five-letter words while avoiding the red letters at the bottom and using as many of the other letters as possible. You can use red letters, but they won't help you get a better score. You can get up to 20 points, and you won't get points for using a letter you've already used.

As an example:

Since Junky has a red K on his card, he gets 4 points.
LEAFY gets 4 points because the letter Y has been correctly identified.
WITCH gets five points because none of its letters are red and none of them has ever been used before.

Playing the game Avoid will help you learn new words and improve your ability to find things. You shouldn't miss this game if you like the thrill of racing, want to learn a new language or want to beat your own high score.

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