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Adoptle is a great puzzle game with lots of cute pets. Every day, a cute animal will show up, ready to win your heart. To solve the crosswords and win the game, players must guess the species' name correctly. The names of your pets you should look for start with five letters. You have six chances to get closer to the answer with color-coded hints.

Adoptle also has cute pictures of cute animals that you can guess. This is a very important clue for the task. Do you like animals? You want to get a pet but don't have the money yet. Every day, play this puzzle game to find these adorable animals!

Find the pet and win!

To type animal names, players can either click on the characters on the screen or press the key on their computer. After that, press the "Enter" key to send your answer and get feedback. Text boxes change color to show hints:

Green: You don't need to change anything; these are the right steps.
For yellow, the letter is right, but please move it!
Gray: That answer looks like it needs a different letter.
You would not want the day's work to go to waste, would you? So, please link the ideas in the right way for the adoption game round to work!

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