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Absurvivle is a clever twist on the famous puzzle game Wordle that changes the point of the game. It is very easy to play. It's a reverse wordle, and even after three tries, you can't figure out what the word is.

If you win, the game will tell you how long it took and how many times you tried. After that, you will have the option to post it on various social networking platforms. You should tell your friends about it!

How to Take Part
It's a simple exercise that has become popular because it's easy to do and you only get three tries to finish it. You can play again if you find out.

You have three chances to guess a word.
Every word must be a five-letter word that makes sense.
Each time you try to find the word, the color of the letters changes to show how close you are.
The green tile shows how many characters are where they should be.
In Survival, the number of amber tiles shows how many right characters are in the wrong place.
You have to make it through three rounds.

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